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100 years on"
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Royal Geographical Society, London

Perito Moreno y Patagonia
100 years on.

Royal Geographical Society, London
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Dates: 2001 April 2 - May 9
Organizers: CAPat with the Centro Cultural Borges and La Nación and with the Secretariat of Tourism Argentina.
Principal Sponsors: Secretariat of Tourism Argentina, Techint, Valentin Bianchi, Magic Penny Trust.

Editors: Germán Sopeña and Robin Willson
Co-editors: María Pía Moreira, Ignacio Giorgio, Mariela Stauder, Melania Toia (Centro Cultural Borges), Maria Victoria Canullo and Jorge Dignani (CAPat) with Marcos Bednarski (Argentine Embassy London) and Denise Prior (Royal Geographical Society).

SPECIAL GUESTS: Sr. Vicente Berasategui (Ambassador of Argentina) Sr. Barros Arana (Ambassador of Chile), Ing Hernán Lombardi (Secretary of Tourism Argentina ), Ms Camilla Darwin and Mr Patrick Holdich.

Germán Sopeña and José Luis Fonrouge with Camilla Darwin, great grand-daughter of Charles Darwin
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April 4 : Germán Sopeña (Editor in Chief , La Nación) "Perito Moreno and Patagonia - 100 years on" introduced by Dr Craig (Royal Geographical Society) , Ing. Hernán Lombardi (Secretary of Tourism Argentina) Robin Willson (Professor Emeritus, Brunel University and Magic Penny Trust, London.)

April 10 : José Luis Fonrouge" (Director of National Parks Administration), "Argentine National Parks" introduced by Mark Rose (Director Flora and Fauna International).

May 9 : Alfredo Lichter " (President EcoCentro , Puerto Madryn) "The Invisible Geography of the Peninsular Valdes" and Rubén Cúneo (Director Museo Palentolgia Egidio Feruglio - Trelew) " Pioneers, Dinosaurs and Petrified Forests of the Wilds of Patagonia" introduced by María Victoria Canullo (CAPat).

* Tragically on April 28, the two previous speakers, Germán Sopeña and José Luis Fonrouge, died in an air accident en route to Patagonia. Before these final lectures tributes to Germán and José Luis were given by the Ambassador of Argentina, Sr Vicente Berasategui and by María Victoria Canullo on behalf of Ciencias y Artes Patagonia.


Signed copy of "Viaje a la Patagonia Austral"
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  • Photographs by Moreno with contemporary equivalents by Germ'an Sopena
  • Maps and Documents supplied by the Royal Geographical Society and CAPat, including a signed copy of "Viaje a la Patagonia Austral" donated by Moreno to the Society.
  • Computer Display by the Eco Centro Puerto Madryn
  • Poster Display by CAPat and Magic Penny Patagonia.


  • "Exploracions en Patagonia" - a republication by the Secretariat of Tourism of Moreno's Lecture in The Geographical Journal - September 1899, by kind permission of the Royal Geographical Society
  • "Francisco P Moreno Soul of Patagonia" by Germán Sopeña, published by Techint, and translated into English by María Victoria Canullo and Robin Willson.
  • "Wild Native Flowers of Patagonia" edited by Leopoldo Montes, translated into English by María Victoria Canullo and Robin Willson, published by the Secretariat of Tourism, and in press.

The organizers thank the Secretary of Tourism Ing. Hernán Lombardi for his steadfast support, and to Cristina San Martin, Sr Marcos Bednarski and Denise Prior, and the staff of the Secreatriat of Tourism, of the Argentine Embassy and Foreign Office, and of the Royal Geographical Society, respectively, for their invaluable assistance. The exhibition would not have been possible without their help, nor without the help of the sponsors or the many others who kindly provided their support and encouragement.

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