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Magnetic Levitation and
the Mayor of Madryn
Giant Triangle and Can Transfer Record
Tower of Paso: Record
Golden Hexagon of
Silver Hexagon and
Patagonia Math
Magic Square 2000
Giant Rose
Giant Silver Can Way
Dinosaur Math at the Museum
Exhibition "Imagineering"
"Beautiful Madryn"

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Can-Coin, Coin-Can
Math Frames
CoinMath Strips
Coin Darts
Game "Patagonia-Go"
MaradonaMath: Football
Leonardo en Patagonia

Magic Penny Patagonia
Patagonia Creativa

2009 World Junior Chess Championship Puerto Madryn

Magnetic Patagonia: Magnets and Magnetism working for us

Leonardo in Patagonia: Geometry and Design

Cityhenge Patagonia: Patagonian Sky and Heritage Care

  October 2009 - World Junior Chess Championship Puerto Madryn
August 2006 - Chalet Pujol - Restored and Reopened
August 2003 - Competition - Beautiful Puerto Madryn
December 2002 - Matemática Creativa - Mutualista School, Puerto Madryn
August 2002 - Hexágono Dorado de 32761 peniques - exhibición Inglaterra
July 2002 - Imagineering Exhibition Preview - Monument to the Indian, Puerto Madryn
July 2002 - Dinosaurs and Scale at the Museum
December 2001 - Mathematical Xmas Tree from Cans
November 2001 - PatagoniaMath Cerro Condor: New World Records
October 2001 - Drink cans in Mathematics : donations to Schools
July 2000 - HSBCand Dinar transport 10,000 magnetic British pennies to Patagonia

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