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100 years on"
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Esquel - Chubut

Perito Moreno and Patagonia
100 years on

The Trochita: The Old Patagonian Express near Esquel

" If these lines were built in the same way as those that were built in the USA during the conquest of the Far West, in a few years they would give a great return on the capital invested.
The population of Patagonia would be united in supporting the nation and greatness would result; and to settle population in those territories, as rich as they are abandoned, all that is needed today is a bit of good will and attention from the public authorities, to make known the wealth of these territories and how easy it would be to make profit from them. I have do not doubt for a moment that this aspiration of all Argentinians will be realised very shortly."

Last paragraph of "Apuntes preliminares sobre una excusión... " F.P. Moreno, La Plata 1897

Carlos Benites-Moreno great-grandson of the Perito on La Trochita

Salón de Bellas Artes of Esquel 2002 May 9-18

CAPat, the Centro Cultural Borges and La Nación, with the Municipality of Esquel and the Government of Chubut

Main sponsors: Subsecretary of Culture of Chubut; Municipality of Esquel

Editors: Germán Sopeña and Robin Willson
Local Editors Roberto Müller, Sergio Sepiurka, Jorge Miglioli
Assisted by: María Victoria Canullo, María Pía Moreira, Ignacio Giorgio, Mariela Staude, Elsa Estruco, Zulema Morrison, José Williams Jones, Jorge Rocha, Francisco Peralta.

La Trochita : the Old Patagonian Express

SPEAKERS: Roberto Müller and Sergio Sepiurka

Carlos Benites Moreno, great-grandson of the Perito.

A small part of the original Buenos Aires Moreno exhibition was exhibited in Esquel as part of the town´s celebration of the centenary of the visit of Sir Thomas Holdich and Perito Moreno in 1902 in connection with the Border Arbitration. In addition to introductory material the following were displayed.

  • 12 enlargements of the Moreno photographs along with their contemporary equivalents taken by Germán Sopeña.
  • Additional enlargements of Moreno photographs, taken in Chubut
  • Volumes of the Arbitration and related books and documents
  • Related notes of the Andes routes of Moreno, written by Germán Sopeña


Mayor of Esquel, Mr. Williams, Elsa Estruco, Subsecretary of Culture of Chubut, Germán Sopeña Foundation.

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