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100 years on"
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Trevelin - Chubut

Perito Moreno and Patagonia
100 years on

Valley 16 of October near Trevelin 1897 "Apuntes preliminares sobre una excusión... " F.P. Moreno.

"We went on the following day along the very beautiful valley of an exhuberant fertility, where the settlers of the colony of 16 of October live.
...Really, that land is a wonder of fertility and the choice of the place to establish a colony could not have been better. When I returned from my trip to those regions in 1880 and made public its fertility, nobody believed me: it was believed that Patagonia is a synomim of aridity, and, who would listen to the enthusiastic accounts of a voyager who claims the contrary. But the settlement of the colony is the best justification of the goodness of the land and the fruits that it gives when it is worked industriously and with perseverance."

"Apuntes preliminares sobre una excursión... " F.P. Moreno, 1897

Children! What is the difference?

Salón Central of Trevelin 2002 April 28 - May 4

CAPat, the Centro Cultural Borges and La Nación with the Municipality of Trevelin and the Province of Chubut

Main sponsors:
Subsecretary of Culture of Chubut, Municipality of Trevelin.

Germán Sopeña and Robin Willson
Local Editors:
Sergio Sepiurka, Jorge Miglioli, Jorge Fiori
Assisted by : Elsa Struco, María Victoria Canullo, María Pía Moreira, Ignacio Giorgio, Mariela Staude, Zulema Morrison, José Williams Jones, Jorge Rocha, Francisco Peralta.

Carlos Benites-Moreno great-grandson of the Perito meets Patrick Holdich great-grandson of Sir Thomas.

Mayor of Trevelin: Sr Carlos Mategna; Jorge Fiori, Robin Willson, Sergio Sepiurka, S Fernandez Sasso.

Argentina Secretary of Culture, Sr Rubén Stella; the British Ambassador, Sir Robin Christopher; Patrick Holdich, greatgrandson of Sir Thomas Holdich of the Arbitration Committee, Carlos Benites Moreno, greatgrandson of Perito Moreno.

A small part of the original Buenos Aires Moreno exhibition was exhibited in Trevelin as part of the town´s celebration of the centenary of the visit of Sir Thomas Holdich and Perito Moreno in 1902 and the resulting Plebiscite. In addition to introductory material the following were displayed.

  • 12 enlargements of the Moreno photographs along with their contemporary equivalents taken by Germán Sopeña.
  • Additional enlargements of the Moreno photographs, taken in Chubut
  • Related notes of the Andes routes of Moreno, written by Germán Sopeña
  • Notas relacionados de la Arbitaje 1902
Mayor of Trevelin Sr Carlos Mantegna and Snr Elsa Estruco, Subsecretary of Culture of Chubut, Foundation Germán Sopeña.

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