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Perito Moreno and Patagonia
Centenary of the Conference at the
Royal Geographical Society in London

In 1899 Dr Francisco Pascasio Moreno gave an invited lecture at the Royal Geographical Society in London. In his lecture, Moreno expressed the need for a greater international scientific cooperation between Great Britain and Argentina, particularly in Patagonia.

Navegación del Lago Traful        
("Apuntes..", 1898)

The lecture was well received in both countries. The Ministry of Foreign Affaires wrote a personal letter congratulating Moreno.

In his lecture entitled "Explorations in Patagonia", Moreno described briefly the history of the explorations to the region, and showed 65 photographic slides illustrating the beauty of its landscape, geography and natural history.

Moreno was in Great Britain mainly as the Argentinian expert in the limit dispute with Chile. Great Britain had been invited to act as arbitrator. Moreno had already visited Great Britain previously in 1880. That visit had been of immense value in his founding of the Museum of La Plata, and Moreno was soon renewing old contacts and making new ones.

Although a portrait of Moreno hangs from the walls of the Royal Geographical Society and his grandfather was British, most British people do not know of Moreno. Amongst those who have heard of him, the majority probably only do so because of the breathtaking glaciar named after his name.

Guide to Museo de La Plata

Even in Argentina, where many geographical landmarks, streets and schools are named after Moreno, few seem to know much of the man himself, or of his great contributions to the nations heritage. In addition to his distinguished explorations, his pioneering efforts in establishing the world renowned Museo de La Plata, the National Parks service, and the Argentinian Boy Scouts association, not to mention his period as a government Deputy, are just a few examples.

We hope that this centenary exhibition will help to publicise the great contributions of Moreno. In these times of rapidly improving relations between Britain and Argentina, it is hoped that this centenary exhibition may help in a small way to realise again, Moreno´s vision of greater international scientific cooperation, a vision which was so warmly applauded 100 years ago.

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