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Contribution of Provincial School 15 Paso de Indios Chubut, Argentina
Tower of Paso

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Penny History

2000 December 17: New World Record Holder
Yoma, Provincial School 15, Paso de Indios
494 coins balanced on 1! (485 on a single column of 10).

2000 December 17: Previous Record Holder:
Erika, Provincial School 15, Paso de Indios
284 coins balanced on 1! (275 on a single column of 10)

News flash: Would you like to try and break the Tower of Paso world record? The rules for record breaking and more information on the use of the Tower of Paso in schools and life-long learning will be displayed on these pages soon. For the moment just remember all the coins must be similar and they must be balanced on a single column of ten.

But even just playing with coins without trying for a record can still be fun. Happy Festivities!

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