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Contribution of Provincial School 15 Paso de Indios Chubut, Argentina
Millenium Penny Magic Square 2000

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Children from Dolavon visiting the Millenium Penny Magic Square 2000 at Escuela 15 Paso de Indios.
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2000 December 17

Millenium Penny Magic Square 2000
constructed at Provincial School 15 Paso de Indios.

There are exactly 2000 coins, all dated 2000, in the large square.

Each of the 16 small squares contains the number of coins shown.

Each row, column or diagonal of the large square has a total of 500 coins. Do you agree?

The square was built by: Eluney, Emir, Erika, Pamela, Lucas, Ornella and Sofia of our school No. 15, as part of the festivities marking the 64 anniversary of the founding of Paso de Indios.

We hope that more permanent Millenium Magic Squares 2000 will be built in open spaces using pebbles instead of coins.

Magic squares with all the rows and columns adding up to 168 are also being prepared by the Provincial School No.168, in Puerto Madryn.

Other activities using the coins in art science and engineering are also planned. Notes on the history and construction of magic squares, and their use in learning, will also be published here soon.

We thank HSBC bank, Dinar Airlines and the Mar y Valle bus company for the transport of the coins from Wales to Paso de Indios.

Note: The children from Dolovan are wearing traditional dress. They were taking part in the folkdance festival as part of the celebrations.

News flash:   New World Tower of Paso Record:   484 coins balanced on a single coin!! Can you beat that?

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