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Magic Penny Magnetic Coin Darts
"Atracción" and Target Mats / Boards

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Magic Penny Coin Darts "Atracción" is a game of skill for all ages, that can also be used as a basis for learning projects in areas of physics, mathematics, design and technology.

The game uses coins with magnetic properties such as the post 1992 British and Irish 1and 2p coins and the new Euro 1, 2 and 5 cent coin available 2002 January 1.

Coins are thrown at a magnetic target from a set distance with the aim of attaching them to it.

Conventional metal or ceramic magnets, placed on a surface, or suspended can be used as a target. Alternatively a magnetic dart board / mat can be used.

The Magic Penny magnetic coin dart mat / board consists principally of a relatively flexible magnetic laminate with a relatively soft backing, specially chosen so as to facilitate the attachment of coins on impact.

Coins are thrown at the mat / board in such a manner that, just before impact, the velocity of the coin is as low as possble and the face of the coin is as parallel as possible to the mat /board. An underarm throw as if throwing a "Frisby", but gently, is recommended.

The mat / board can be hung vertically or placed horizontally.

The mat / board can be of any shape and target areas overprinted or identifiable by materials or additional magnetic laminates being attached to it, or by being divided into separate magnetic areas.

In addition to attachment in a particular target area, attachment of particular coins, or numbers of coins, might qualify for bonus points.

The mat / board can be linked to a load sensor so that the weight of coins attached can be computed and if the mass of individual coins is known the numbers of coins present can be displayed / recorded.

Where magnetic coins are not available, or as an addition, small plated or painted steel washers or discs might also be thrown.

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