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MaradonaMath: Football in Mathematics
Teaching Notes: Introduction

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MaradonaMath is an approach to encourage interest in mathematics through reference to topics related to the game of association football (soccer), worldwide.
   Whilst reference to football to encourage interest in mathematics is not new, the present approach stems from the interest in the mathematics of coins and all things round, such as footballs.

Why "MaradonaMath".

MaradonaMath is being developed in Patagonia, Argentina and sponsored by the Magic Penny Trust based in England. The name Maradona is known the world over as one of the finest footballers ever, and the scorer of what is widely believed to be the greatest goal ever recorded - his second goal for Argentina against England in the world cup of 1986.

Many people around the world relish watching this goal on video, over and over again. Yet few give a second thought to the fact that without mathematics or magnetism, and the associated science and technology, the video recording would not exist, the great floodlit stadia could not have been built, the football kit so enthusiatically worn would be unrecognizable and the ball would not be made the way it is. Surely this is one answer to the pupil who only thinks of football and who says to the maths teacher "Why do we have to do this Miss?" "What's the point of this Sir?"

Associated Topics and Activities

  • solid (three dimensional) shapes
  • speed (velocity) and dynamics
  • weight (mass), balance and centres of gravity
  • numbers and team formations
  • dimensions and effects of change
  • scores and statistics
  • measurement of length, time and mass
  • drawing of pitches (rectangles, circles )
  • construction of footballs ( pentagons and hexagons)
  • construction of mobiles and other models
  • patterns and design of kit
  • digital action photography

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