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Contribution of Provincial School of Cerro Condor, Chubut, Argentina
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Record Triangle of 325 cans
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2001 November 9-10

As part of its Leonardo in Patagonia Project, Magic Penny Patagonia, transported a set of drink can math frames, from its base in Puerto Madryn to the Provincial School in Cerro Condor, some 480 km distance.

Because of the small size of the village and the difficulty children at the school would have in collecting drinks cans themselves, 338 freshly collected and washed aluminium drinks were also donated.

The cans, of different makes, flavours and colours had been kindly saved by the beach restuarants Na Pria, Buey and Yoaquina in Puerto Madryn, after reading recent newspaper articles about the project.

Collapse of triangle
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The mathematics frames and cans, will be used to stimulate interest in mathematics engineering and design in a didatic manner and to encourage hands on and group activities.

As the school has a computer but no connection to the internet, a compact disc on which all the magicpenny internet pages had been recorded was also donated.

In response to two pictures on the pages taken in Puerto Madryn , one showing children tranferring cans at provincial school 168, and another showing a triangular stack of 254 drinks cans at the Mutualista school, children in Cerro Condor soon set about to try and establish new “world records”.

One team of four children set up a record of transferring 169 cans from a hexagonal frame to an adjacent square frame, without dropping any on the floor, in 4 minutes 54 seconds.

Headteacher Monica Poutet
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Another team of four, after several attempts, eventually built a triangle of 325 cans. They were very proud of their achievement but soon broke into hysterical laughter when the head teacher Sra Monica tried to join in to be photographed and the stack collapsed.

The head teacher was very happy to join in the fun and said “we are very grateful to Magic Penny Patagonia for arranging this donation. It is a marvellous idea to use discarded cans in this way. "


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