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Contribution of Provincial School 168 and School Mutualista, Puerto Madryn, Chubut, Argentina
Our Silver Hexagon of Patagonia


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2001 October 19

Coins to Cans: Gold to Silver in PatagoniaMath
- but larger and with additional possibilities

Together with Magic Penny Patagonia we are developing the use of aluminium drinks cans as learning aids / manipulatives in understanding mathematics and as a stimulus in learning more about design and technology.Today the Magic Penny Trust gave both our schools specially designed hexagonal and square magic penny drinks can frames to help us in our studies.

Silver Hexagon of Patagonia
in Magic Penny math frame

Already we have noticed how 169 ordinary aluminium drinks cans fit snugly both into the square frame and the hexagonal frame.

The similar 169 disc hexagon made out of 10 centavo coins was called the Golden Hexagon of Patagonia. As we think we are the first schools to make this 169 drinks can hexagon we are calling it - the Silver Hexagon of Patagonia.

Exchanging cans:
Escuela 168

We can see that there are lots of different things that can be done with the magic penny coin and drinks can math frames. We hope we will be able to share our experiences with other schools and children through the following linked Magic Penny Patagonia pages for teachers and students.


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