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Sunday 8 September 2013
Puerto Madryn, Chubut, Patagonia, Argentina (S -42.78 W -65.00)
Venus de Madryn 1.
Near-central Occultation of Venus by the Moon in Patagonia

We share with you, surely a once in a lifetime experience - taking photographs, without a telescope, of an almost central occulatation of Venus beginning 30 minutes before the sun sets, in full daylight, and ending in darkness over an hour later!

occultation venus 1 in daylight robin linhope willson
occultation venus moon 2 robin linhope willson
occultation venus moon 3 robin linhope willson
occultation venus 4 robin linhope willson
occultation venus 5 robin linhope willson
occultation venus 6 robin linhope willson
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All the photographs are as taken, simply cropped and resized for the internet. A variable 75-300mm lens was used. The first photograph was taken in the shadow of the Rayentray hotel, from where Venus could be easly spotted with the naked eye. The exit photographs were taken some 400 metres away, from a point where a low wall helped protect the tripod from the ravages of the Patagonia wind.
Images of the sites taken with a simple compact camera follow. more after dark here.
Camera shaded by
Hotel Rayentray.
Sunset from Punta Cuevas 7 Robin Linhope Willson
Sunset from Punta Cuevas
occultation venus moon 7 robin linhope willson
Venus behind Moon at Sunset

Mara Victoria Canullo, Robin Linhope Willson eds.    1998-2013
Sponsored by the Magic Penny Trust.